Red Army - 343rd Rifle Division


11 March 2017, Ost Front 44, Camp Siman, Tiff, MO

WW II Weekend, Jefferson Barracks, St Louis, MO 2016

WW II Weekend, Jefferson Barracks, Lemay, MO 2016

Who we were:

The 343rd Rifle Division was raised in the North Caucus Military District in late Aug. 1941 with, Regiments 1151, 1153, 1155, Rifles and  903d Artillery. These units were composed in most part, of reservists which had fought in the Russian Civil War 20 years before as part of the 56th Independent Army. As such, many of the soldiers could have been in their late 40s to mid-50s. The 343rd saw action in such places as Rostov, the Don River at Kremenskaya, Stalingrad ( tractor factory) and Kursk.

Who we are:

 The 343rd Rifle Division as we know it, is a group  of World War Two Re-enactors in the St Louis, Missouri area who came together in 1997.  We have chosen to  present the mostly untold story of the suffering  and sacrifices of the Soviet  people, as they were  involved in the world wide struggle against the  power that was Germany from 1939-1945. All soldiers regardless of cause, throughout  history are the same, and of them most true heroes are unknown.

WW II Weekend, Jefferson Barracks, Lemay, MO

Fritz: 343rd Riffle Division Mascot

We embrace History as part of a common past and remember the soldiers that fought in the Great Patriotic War from 1941 to 1945.  

This site and it's members sole intent is to keep history alive and to honor the men and women that fought for their freedom in WW II. We are not connected or have any ties with the Communist party or any other such groups. THE 343d RIFLE DIV. as a re-enactment unit was formed for historical purposes only, to include the collection and preservation of military memorabilia. and the representation of historical items and situations by reproductions within the limits of safety and legal constraints. NO OTHER ATTITUDES OR INTENTIONS WILL BE ALLOWED!